Field Day 2015…

… will be here before you know it. Last year, we placed very well among clubs in North Texas. So why not the top spot this year?

Field Day happens every year at the last full weekend in June. That’s June 27 and 28 this year. Begin to save the day now. And watch this space for more details.


The Tyler ARC will host the National Weather Service SKYWARN training at our February meeting on February 19, 2015. Because both basic and advanced training sessions will be presented, the meeting will begin at 6:00 instead of our customary 7:00.

SKYWARN and ham radio are particularly important in Tyler and Smith County, because we are on the border of the coverage area for the two National Weather Service radars which serve our area. For this reason, and the earth’s curvature, the radars show activity high in the air, and not near the ground, which is the area of interest for both citizens and the Weather Service. SKYWARN observers provide “ground truth” which helps fill in this blind spot.

So, make plans now to join us at 6:00 at Shiloh Road Church of Christ on February 19.

Images with fldigi

We’ve become familiar with using the amazing fldigi program for PSK-31 browsing and formatted document transmission, but the program is also capable of sending and receiving images in the MFSK-32 and MFSK-64 modes.




The Voice of America has been experimenting with fldigi for almost two years, They send a half-hour program four times each weekend from their North Carolina shortwave AM transmitter. The logo above was received here in Tyler on 17650 kHz. For more information about these broadcasts, see

European commercial shortwave broadcaster The Mighty KBC is also experimenting with fldigi.pic_2014-11-23_013057z This noisy image of a shortwave radio tuned to their primary frequency of 6095 kHz was also received here in Tyler from their 7375 kHz transmitter in Germany.

You can download the software at It’s free, cross-platform, and open source. I hope you have as much fun with it as I have!!  — 73 de WB5CTQ

City of Tyler Warning Siren test

The Tyler Police Department has asked us to help with the monthly test of the Outdoor Warning System. These tests are performed at 11:00 AM on the first Tuesday of the month. The next test is Tuesday March 3rd

Pick a siren location, and let Rick Hall know. A net will be started shortly before 11:00 on the 147.000 repeater, and you can check in there. After the test, net control will poll the participants to be sure the siren sounded. A page describing the system and the testing protocol is here. And a Map of siren locations is here. See you on the radio!