PACARC FM Simplex Contest

The Palestine / Anderson County club would appreciate out-of-county participation in their upcoming local FM contest.

Palestine / Anderson County A.R.C. FM Simplex Contest

2300Z Aug 27 – 0300Z Aug 28 (6-10 PM Central Time Aug 27)

  • Modes: FM
  • Bands: 2m, 70 cm
  • Frequencies: 146.420, 146.520, 146.550, 147.520, 147.550, 446.000, 446.025, 446.050, 446.075, 446.100
  • Classes: Single Op (Anderson County), Single Op (other county)
  • Max Power: HP – 1500W, QRP – 5W
  • Exchange: Name + County
  • Work Stations: Once per band
  • Scheduled QSOs: Permitted
  • QSO Points: 2 points UHF, 1 point VHF
  • QSO Multipliers: x2 QRP, x2 Alternate Power
  • Score Calculation: Total score = (VHF HP com pwr + (2x VHF QRP) + (2x VHF alt pwr)) + 2x (UHF HP com pwr + (2x UHF QRP) + (2x UHF alt pwr))
  • Awards: Highest score, most QSOs, most names, most out-of-county QSOs (Anderson County stations), most Anderson County QSOs (other county stations), longest distance
  • Submit Summary Sheets To: PACARC FM Simplex Contest Committee
  • Alternate Power Note: Batteries may not be charged by commercial mains during the contest.

Download log sheet, rules, and summary sheets here (PDF)

Repeater Systems Update

To support the Beauty And The Beast Bicycle Tour on August 13, and the Tyler Rose Marathon later in the year, we’ve recently added the capability to link the 146.96 repeater to the 147.00 and 444.40. The link is at least temporarily up full time to give us an opportunity to work out any bugs that show up before we rely on it for the bike tour. So far it seems to be performing well with the expected caveats for the type of link it is.

We also added Echolink (K5TYR-R) into the system, at the 146.96 site. Echolink will be available full time on 146.96 and, if the link is up, the rest of the system.

Remember to pause a couple of seconds before speaking at the beginning of each transmission, as it takes about that long for all the squelch circuits, tone circuits, and transmitters between your radio and someone else’s radio to come up.

Tech Talk / Q&A / Troubleshooting Net

Technical problems and questions have been, and will be, something we all have from time to time, so we’re starting an informal net on Thursday nights as a convenient forum where you can ask yours or help somebody else work through theirs. Butch WA5SLG is hosting the net on the 146.96 repeater (and anything else it’s linked to) at 7 PM on Thursday nights (except the third Thursday when the TARC has its monthly club meeting). If you’re not in the area, you can join in on Echolink (K5TYR-R).

Field Day 2016

Well folks Field Day was a real hoot. We had a lot of fun ate some delicious food and made many contacts on voice. The C.W. guys made many contacts and Gene sent digital.  Thank you all who participated in 2016 field day it was huge success!

Club Weekly net

The club holds a net every Monday night at 8:00 pm on the 146.96 Repeater   136.5 pl tone. All licensed hams are welcome to check in. You do not have to be a member to check in.

FSQ Digital Net

Several Tyler hams will begin holding a digital-mode net on Thursday evenings at 7:00 pm starting on March 10. Voice coordination will be conducted on the W5ETX Repeater System, with the digital activity held elsewhere, thus far on 28124.5 khz USB, but other bands and modulations may be used in the future.

Initial tests are planned to be using a new mode called FSQ (Fast Simple QSO). This mode is available in the most recent versions of fldigi beginning in version 3.23.

Letter from The President

It is 2016 and we look forward to all the events in which TARC will be involved. This club is an active and very willing to serve organization of which I am proud to be a part. Ham radio operators know that communications is about being a public service to our City and county, not only during emergencies but for special events as well.

We continue to educate our members and non members to keep us sharp and ready should we be needed to provide communications for an event whether it be an emergency or planned.  We also offer a free Sky Warn training provided by NOAA-trained weather people.

Ham radio has evolved so much in the last 10 years with all the new technology.  It is a challenge to keep up to date with so many new avenues to pursue.

We are always available to help anyone interested in amateur radio.  We have knowledgeable Elmers willing to help you get started or advance to the next level.  Please contact us if you are interested.

Welcome our 2015-2016 Club Officers

Welcome to our newly-elected club officers for 2016-2017

President:  Rick Hall, W5WVH

Vice President: Wayne Hoskins, WM5Q

Secretary Treasurer: Butch Adair WA5SLG

At – Large John Freeman, KC5JDR; Michael Fowler W5FOW

Wayne Hoskins remains repeater trustee,

Images with fldigi

We’ve become familiar with using the amazing fldigi program for PSK-31 browsing and formatted document transmission, but the program is also capable of sending and receiving images in the MFSK-32 and MFSK-64 modes.




The Voice of America has been experimenting with fldigi for almost two years, They send a half-hour program four times each weekend from their North Carolina shortwave AM transmitter. The logo above was received here in Tyler on 17650 kHz. For more information about these broadcasts, see

European commercial shortwave broadcaster The Mighty KBC is also experimenting with fldigi.pic_2014-11-23_013057z This noisy image of a shortwave radio tuned to their primary frequency of 6095 kHz was also received here in Tyler from their 7375 kHz transmitter in Germany.

You can download the software at It’s free, cross-platform, and open source. I hope you have as much fun with it as I have!!  — 73 de WB5CTQ