New Repeater for TARC

Dave Baxter, W5KPZ, and the East Texas Amateur Radio Society have graciously donated their 146.96 repeater to the Tyler Amateur Radio Club. The club has moved it to a new site in Southwest Tyler. It’s on the air with a negative offset and 136.5 Hz. CTCSS tone for access. Your repeater committee will come to you with more information at the next club meeting.

Thanks, Dave!

Field Day

Get ready everyone Field Day is approaching! Field Day will be held on June 28 and 29th   at Camp Tyler on Lake Tyler.


City of Tyler Warning Siren test

The Tyler Police Department has asked us to help with the monthly test of the Outdoor Warning System. These tests are performed at 11:00 AM on the first Tuesday of the month. The next test is Tuesday, February 4, 2014.

Pick a siren location, and let Rick Hall know. A net will be started shortly before 11:00 on the 147.000 repeater, and you can check in there. After the test, net control will poll the participants to be sure the siren sounded. A page describing the system and the testing protocol is here. And a Map of siren locations is here. See you on the radio!

Field Day 2013

Field Day 2013 was by almost all measures a successful event for the club. Alan Luce captured some of the activity on video for us:

Held at Camp Tyler, the facilities were both comfortable, spacious, and – best of all – air-conditioned! John Newman, Alan and many others kept our SSB signal strong, while Roy Sherow and Hamp Williams made over 150 CW contacts. Although conditions were not the best, we made hundreds of contacts and gathered a respectable score. A brief surprise opening allowed Art Sharp to make a great many six meter contacts.

ATL_0347-1Media coverage was good as well . We made the front page of the Sunday Tyler paper, and had spots on the KETK-56 News.

While we missed the excellent cuisine of the Dutch Oven society, no one was hungry, because Rick Hall showed he was master of the charcoal grill as well as the radio.

John Arnold educated guests at the GOTA station, and the KETK reporter, about the history of ham radio.ATL_0342-1

Most of all, everyone had a good time with the radio. Your editor heard words like “enjoyable” and “comfortable” used to describe the outing. So consider joining us next year, or for our next club event.

Annual Meeting, 2013

The club’s annual meeting was held Thursday, May 16 at the Shiloh Road Church of Christ. Officer elections were held and awards presented.

Ham of the Year award presented to Bob Jackson, AG5X.

Ham of the Year award presented to Bob Jackson, AG5X.

The new club officers for 2013-2014 are:

President: Rick Hall, W5WVH

Vice President: Forrest Rathbun, KF5ARZ

Secretary/Treasurer: Don Simonton, K5LOW

At Large: John Freeman, KC5JDR and Cliff White, W5CNW

Bob Jackson, AG5X, received the Ham of the Year award.

The club presents another award every year, the Fred Farkle award. While the author does not know the origin or history of the award, it is rumored to be closely related to the celebrated and fabled Wouff-Hong.

The Fred Farkle award presented to Cliff White

The Fred Farkle award presented to Cliff White

If the qualification and selection process is mysterious, it has always been clear to all that the award and the recipient were made for each other at the time. Here, Roy Sherow, WJ5Z, last year’s victim recipient is seen with Cliff White, W5CNW this year’s award winner.

Hallicrafters S-38

I’m looking to buy several examples of these receivers in any condition. I’m interested in the original model which has six tubes, a real BFO and a ‘noise limiter’ switch on the front panel, and also subsequent models ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘C’.  Contact me at  Please include model, condition and desired price in your first message. 73 and thanks.

Bob AG5X