146.96 Update

The lightning strike last week took out the 36/96 repeater radio, the link radio, and the APRS digipeater’s modem. Fortunately, our Link Comm repeater controller appears to still be working properly.

Initial diagnostics and repairs of our station began earlier in the week, practically as soon as I could get it on the bench. Several shorted transistors and shorted ICs quickly became apparent. Some were able to be replaced, and the station control circuits came back to life pretty easily. The audio and squelch circuits took a fair bit more time and were only able to be made partly operational.

We received a replacement radio courtesy of ETECS yesterday morning. It’s a matching radio to ours that failed, a Motorola MSR2000. It was a simplex base station in its former life, but repeater conversion is easy and has begun. Getting it tuned to our channel pair and all lined up should be easy. I’ll be working on that at Shop Night this Thursday evening.

I’m anticipating having 36/96 back on the air within the first week of December.

Lightning Strikes!

The club’s 146.96 repeater (along with many other pieces of commercial equipment on the same tower) was damaged by a serious lightning strike in last night’s thunderstorm activity. More details to follow…

Eyes and Ears

It seems impossible, but it’s already time to get ready for Eyes and Ears at the Broadway Square Mall!

This year, we have eight days we will be working. I will post a schedule elsewhere on the site, and link to it here. Basically, we will work Friday and Saturday from the Friday after Thanksgiving through the Saturday before Christmas Eve. We will walk inside the mall, and drive the parking lots outside. If we have enough operators, we’ll support the new Mall with mobile operators as well.

In case you’re new to the opportunity, Eyes and Ears is a program where we as radio operators extend the reach of the Police Department and Mall Security by lending our eyes and ears. Formally, the program is an ETECS program under the auspices of the Tyler Police Department. We’ve been assisting this way for nearly two decades.

You will need to familiarize yourself with the Eyes and Ears procedures, and have an orange ETECS badge to participate. If you’re signed up to the ETECS Yahoo! group, you should have the badge and you have access to the procedures document. If not, there will be temporary badges at the Com Van, which will be parked on the west side of the mall. And I will email you the procedures document on request.

To schedule yourself for a particular time, send email to me at WB5CTQ@arrl.net. I’ll add your preferred participation times to the schedule. If you don’t yet have a VHF/UHF radio, there will be at least two extras at the Com Van.

See you at the Mall!

73 de WB5CTQ

Thankgiving Day dinner

November we will have our Thanksgiving dinner feast at the Club meeting.

The Club will provide the meat and drinks if you all will bring sides and desserts.

The meeting will begin at 6:00 pm on November 17th

Please come join us!


Tech Talk / Q&A / Troubleshooting Net

Technical problems and questions have been, and will be, something we all have from time to time, so we’re starting an informal net on Thursday nights as a convenient forum where you can ask yours or help somebody else work through theirs. Butch WA5SLG is hosting the net on the 146.96 repeater (and anything else it’s linked to) at 7 PM on Thursday nights (except the third Thursday when the TARC has its monthly club meeting). If you’re not in the area, you can join in on Echolink (K5TYR-R).

Welcome our 2016-2017 Club Officers

Welcome to our newly-elected club officers for 2016-2017

President:  Rick Hall, W5WVH

Vice President: Wayne Hoskins, WM5Q

Secretary Treasurer: Butch Adair WA5SLG

At – Large John Freeman, KC5JDR; Michael Fowler W5FOW

Wayne Hoskins remains repeater trustee,

Field Day 2016

Well folks Field Day was a real hoot. We had a lot of fun ate some delicious food and made many contacts on voice. The C.W. guys made many contacts and Gene sent digital.  Thank you all who participated in 2016 field day it was huge success!

Club Weekly net

The club holds a net every Monday night at 8:00 pm on the 146.96 Repeater   136.5 pl tone. All licensed hams are welcome to check in. You do not have to be a member to check in.